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2 hours
Walking Tour
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A unique treasure will be unveiled in all its aspects: golden mosaics, uncommon and rare marble, a fantastic view from the terrace with the famous 4 bronze horses. Immerse yourself in the golden atmosphere of the Basilica. This tour takes you into the most beautiful parts of Saint Mark's church where sightseers don’t normally go. You’ll learn about the gilded Byzantine mosaics and get close inside the high altar to admire the Pala D'Oro, the gilded and enameled medieval altar screen. In the Museum on the Upper Gallery, you’ll be able to admire the original four bronze horses from Costantinople and enjoy fantastic views of the church’s gilded interior and Saint Mark's Square.

* prices shown are up to 7 people

Tour Highlights

Caballos de san Marcos
Bronze horses
Mosaicos dorados
Golden mosaics
Pala d’Oro
Pala d’Oro