Cannaregio district and the Jewish Ghetto

Cannaregio district and the Jewish Ghetto

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This tour will take you into the heart of the old Jewish Ghetto as well as in the hidden streets and lonely squares which characterize Cannaregio district.

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The Jewish Ghetto is placed in the Cannaregio district, one of the oldest and most charming districts in Venice, almost completely unknown to mass tourism and consequently still genuine.

The tour includes: 

  • Campo del Ghetto Novo*, the heart of the old Venetian Jewish district: here you'll be taught about the very interesting history of the Venetian Jewish Ghetto, a reference point for the European Jewish community for many centuries. 
  • Your guide will show you the synagogues (only from the outside) and take you from Ghetto Novo to Ghetto Vecchio talking about the lifestyle of the Ghetto during the age of the Republic.
  • The tour includes other areas in Cannaregio district: a charming walk throughout Campo dei Mori, Madonna Dell'Orto church and Scuola Della Misericordria, hidden treasures.

* Please note: during the tour it is not possible to visit the synagogues and the museum inside. For further information visit

Price: from €150

Duration: 2h