Ca' Rezzonico, the 18th-century art and craft museum

Ca' Rezzonico, the 18th-century art and craft museum

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Ca' Rezzonico (or Palazzo Rezzonico) was a private mansion on the Gran Canal. It now hosts the 18th-century Venetian art and craft museum.

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During this art tour, you will go through the charming halls of the beautiful baroque palace on the Grand Canal and you'll admire 18th-century works of art such as paintings, frescos, tapestries, furnishings, and discover how noble families lived at the time.

The palace itself is a masterpiece of the Venetian Baroque architecture and the museum has a particular character as if the works are not being shown in an exhibition but simply placed where they naturally belong. The ballroom gives the Rezzonico's residence its regal touch. During the tour you'll have the opportunity to see many items of varying historical and artistic value: pieces of furniture in ebony and boxwood, beautiful glass and wooden Venetian style chandeliers, the alcove where the bedroom and dressing rooms have been reproduced, and extraordinary paintings and frescos by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, Francesco Guardi, Pietro Longhi and Canaletto.

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Duration: 2h

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